Paranormal Activity @ 3

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We showed up late one evening at H.S.F. One of us heard some type of noise and called out thinking that it was one of  the team, but no answer, so she went to investigate and suddenly a cold rush of air and bang. She yelled and ran out, the others ran in to investigate. The cold air could be felt. Cellphone camera was brought out and started taking pictures. The next day the pictures were investigated. Something was seen on top of the mantle. This now makes sence to me. Over a short time the items displayed on the mantle have been broken and knocked over and pulled off the wall. These items were screwed and or wired down or tied to the wall, meaning they were secure for our Halloween season "Peanut Proof" 

After seeing the pictures, now I know what was trashing the mantle.

Peanut proof- A referance we use when building the fright house. A family member who is like a hurricane and will distroy anything in it's path that is not secure or weak. There for we build it Peanut proof!

See it above the mantle leaning to the right?

Now the picture is full of? But the mantle is empty.

Do you have activity? We do!

Paranormal Activity 3 the movie will be promoted by us for many reasons.

Check back for up dates.