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  333 Our Rd.

 Shepherd, TX. 77371 

Look for the search light!

Intersection of Our Rd. and Highway 59/69. (No exits, crossovers) Look for the lit parking lot. 

From Conroe, TX. Hwy 105 East to Hwy 59( Cleveland),  Go North 5 miles. (30 min.)

From Humble, TX. Hwy 59 North 30 minutes (Past Cleveland)

From Dayton, FM 321 North to Cleveland, Turn right at Washington Ave. Continue north 4.5 miles

From Cleveland, 5 miles north on Hwy 59. On Left.

From Lufkin, Hwy 59 south  69 miles.

We are on the southbound side of the freeway.



Info 713-962-2339